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Since 1993, music from fenducci has reflected their love of beautiful melody and intricate beats. The name embodies the groove of cop shows of a certain era that influenced the fenducci sound.

The past two years have seen fenducci play an extensive series of live shows which has given the pair a chance to refine their live sound. This period also saw the start of a new chapter in fenducci's history with a sonic experiment where they approached the composition process from a different angle.

Here are the results. These are the fruits of the two working on independent, but complimentary projects: Mfenducci and GFenducci. These projects remain firmly rooted in the fenducci imprint and represent a moment in space and time.

Fenducci (fen-doo-chee) is car chases on martian roads, cybernetic funk,machine driven soul, and mechanised jazz....machines have feelings too.