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Foreign System is a down-tempo electronica project, inspired by travelling in unfamiliar territories, started in late 2005 by Michael Davies.

Michael was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1980 and developed a love for all kinds of music at a very young age. His interest in computers naturally lead to exploring music composition on whatever machines were available at the time, from the humble Amiga through to the modern day workstation, and upon discovering artists like KLF and Underworld, he began experimenting with all kinds of electronic styles of music.

Foreign System is an attempt to reflect the various emotions experienced when travelling in a foreign place, both alone and with company. Isolation, excitement, disorientation, depression, regret, confusion, joy, fatigue, pride, and awe, were experienced so frequently and digressed so boldly from the normal mould of day-to-day living that it felt worthwhile attempting to convey that through music.