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audiobrand is bram beindersma...
Magical company represention format: Audiobrand works! 1975 saw the light 1984 purchased the tapedeck 1990 Somebody explained the Amiga 500 1992 bought a cheap Eps16+ 1994 Moved up with the Asr-10 1996 Got into Film! 1998 Finally reached the Mac-platform 2000 Releasing: the goodyear EP (Boomoperators) Fairdealrecord's/Grooveattack. 2001 "focus" track on men with boxes CD/2LP (Boomoperators/SpeedyJ) Clonerecords. 2002 : composing work for Mtv-networks / Nickelodeon / short film's & 2006 documentary's / music & sounddesign / location-recordist (Boomoperator) Currently working on composing music for DutchTV-animationserie, artdocumentary (16mm) if you like what you're hearing, you can also check out the magical institute @ myspace! Examples of my assigned work can be found at here , just click to view any movie and you will laugh your @ss off!! Especialy the Noise-anthem-rippin up instruments movie..