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Electronic music played with an instinctive feel: the new sonic concept of NenTE music is to create sounds improvising.
ManB and Pseudo joined and assembled the NenTE project in 2003 after 15 years of various experiences in almost every music genre. They filtered and smoothed their sound passing through Dub, Trip Hop, Drum 'n Bass, Electro pop and landing on their last Ambient and Experimental improvisations.
In 2005 they produced their first CD “Cinematica”. They put several tracks of different inspiration and mood.
After this experience they started developing every live show finding a leading theme and improvising upon it. This was enough to let flow frequencies and images like a stream of consciousness. The hard work of pushing and pulling knobs, controllers, buttons and keys of
manB draws complex sonic texture and plateaux in which the ambient guitar of Pseudo build and dilate everchanging dimensions. No live computer playing is their choice.
They successfully performed live soundtracks of old and new movies.

In 2006 they started their website. You can check out some tracks and the latest news about NenTE work on line.