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vinylminds could be described as a mix of soft breaks, electronica, jazz and orchestral elements, the result - atmospheric soundtrack styled grooves. 

Nathan (vinylminds) grew up in a musical household - his father a classical guitarist and mother a pianist and music teacher. Traditionally trained, he studied jazz and improvisation however the lure of electronic music and production resulted in a major shift in focus in 2002. 

Nathan has 2 down-tempo releases under his belt on the Trickery Collective label, in addition to some commercial work and short film. He also writes club breaks under the moniker 'SUPERPOLITIK'


"The Silence Makes No Sense EP shows the depth that Vinylminds is able to produce with. We already knew that he could craft beautiful and intricate melodies from his first two singles, Vinylminds and Jasmine, but here he has shown that he can also get the crowd moving with tracks like Dimple and Spill. There seems to be a new wave of composition focused artists making their way into the electronic music scene and it is being led by artists like vinylminds." - DJ OMINO - MK2 Systems 

"...Lovely piano riff... like a sort of structured Harold Budd with beats. Great mood and fine trippy feel..." - FutureMusic Magazine