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welcome to electronic periodic's podcast

here you will find a regular selection of electronic tunes, mixed together in our series of elements.
there are no subscription fees, which means the feeds are free for you to download!
all we ask, is that if you like what you hear, and you become a regular listener - then maybe you would like to make a donation to the running costs of EP.
We are a non profit organization, and do this podcast out of our love for electronic music, please do not feel obliged to donate.

you can access our feeds in the following ways:

i. you can download each element directly from our blogpage, hosted by liberated syndication.

ii. or you can access the rss feed from apple's iTunes software (v 4.9 or higher) itunes3-small. click the podcast icon to take you therepodcasticon-small.

iii. alternatively, our feed can also be found on other podcast sites, such as odeoweb-small podcast_alley_small plicon2b

iv. those of you who are regular podcast subscribers can simply add the following feed to your chosen client software eg. ipodder-smallor iPodderX-small :

we hope you enjoy listening to our podcast!